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Bizvuu allows business cards to expand beyond the limits of a hand out at networking events. Bizvuu gives business cards the ability to be used as dynamic marketing tools. Now your business card can assist you in attracting new customers and nurturing leads through an eye-catchy presentation, target marketing, mobile advertising and quick content access via scan code integration.

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What's The New Standard... Glad You Asked!

Premium Card Stock

Bizvuu uses at the least 16pt card stock. Premium card stock gives you a more durable business card and it adds the look and feel that says you are ready to do business!

Integration + Innovation

Bizvuu allows for quick access by integrating the use of QR technology. Individuals can scan the QR code and instantly access featured content via your business card.

Mobile Website

Standard with Bizvuu packages is a professional website that is both mobile responsive and mobile friendly. We ensure a great look on mobile or desktop platforms.

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1.1| Logo Branding
A nice size logo graphic on one side of the card ensures great brand visibility.
1.2| Color & Card Stock
We have a selection of colors to choose from for business card edges and 24pt, 35pt, or 38pt premium card stock.
1.3| Scan Code Integration
Potential clients can access your website, digital content or contact information by scanning the QR code printed on your BizCard. Websites offer analytics and page views.
1.4| Standard Cards
We have the standard BizCard layout with 16pt matte or gloss finish without colored edges.

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Do You Need A Portfolio Website? What better way to show what you do than via your business card.

Photographers, Barbers, MUAs, Hair Stylists, Tattoo Artists, Models, Caterers, Graphic Designers, etc. BIZVUU offers great portfolio style websites ideal for showcasing your work.

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Pricing Tables

BizCard™ Only
250 cards

one-time setup fee ($175)

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  • BizCards + QR setup
BizCard™ Only
500 cards

one-time design fee ($200)

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  • BizCards + QR setup
BizCard™ Only
1000 cards

one-time setup fee ($250)

Get Started
  • BizCards + QR setup
Mobile Website Specs.
1-6 pagesw/links (package specific)
  • Profile, Gallery, Resume & Contact
  • Added to Bizvuu Listings
  • Embed video (optional)
  • Social Media Links
  • Cardstock Options
    Standard Stock Options
  • Premium 16/24/*35/38pt Stock
  • Custom Color on Edges
  • Matte, Gloss, *Canvas & Velvet Finish
  • Full Color Both Sides
  • Scan Code Options
    Custom Setup
  • Embed Video
  • V-Card
  • Custom Link
  • Contact/Sign Up Form