Bizvuu | ScanFlyer™ Details
22 Jan

ScanFlyer™ by BIZVUU

These compact flyers are a great addition to any package. They serve as a secondary print marketing solution. Use video advertising or feature custom digital content directly from print media with ScanFlyer.

Benefits of Scan Flyers:

1. The Size

- It's compact. Not too bulky. Potential clients can put it in their pocket, purse, or wallet and view it later.

2. It's Dynamic

- It functions both as a print promotion tool and a dynamic marketing tool with the addition of scan code integration.

3. It's Unique

- Stand out from the crowd with someting new. The ScanFlyer™ is innovative and unique. The custom size and scan code integration makes it appealing. It's creative style adds to the attraction. The convenience of quick content accessibility it provides is right on point for today's smartphone on the go culture.

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