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ScanMenu™ by BIZVUU

- Starting at *$165.00

    One time setup fee
    250/500/1000 ScanMenus
    Mobile Menu Page
    Hosting (included)
    **Maintenance 1 year (quarterly updates)
    SEO Optimization
    (meta data, keywords, descriptions)
    Page view tracking
    QR code setup
    Additional fee for maintenance after first year
    *7 to 10 business day turnaround on print items.
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    New innovative carryout menus. Ideal for Food Trucks, Coffee Shops, Caterers, Restaurants, etc. ScanMenu™ is a great alternative to the current standard paper carryout menus that the vast majority of food establishments use. They provide quick access to a menu via a compact sized card with scan code integration. They are stylish, dynamic and they offer advertisement and coupon options. Besides being used as a carryout menu, ScanMenu™ can indirectly function as a powerful selling and branding tool.

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    Standard Stock Options
  • 16pt Matte or Gloss Two Sided
  • 24pt Velvet Finish
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