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22 Jan

ScanMenu™ by BIZVUU

ScanMenu is a great alternative to the current standard paper carryout menus that the vast majority of food establishments use. They provide quick access to a menu via a compact sized card with scan code integration. They are stylish, dynamic and they offer advertisement and coupon options. Besides being used as a carryout menu, ScanMenu can indirectly function as a powerful selling and branding tool.

Benefits of ScanMenu:

1. The Size

- It's compact. Not too bulky. Customers or patrons can put it in their pocket, purse or wallet and view it later or save to their phone like an app for quick retrieval.

2. It's Dynamic

- It functions both as a print marketing tool and a carry out menu.

3. It's Unique

- Stand out from the crowd with someting new. The ScanMenu™ is innovative and unique. The custom size and scan code integration makes it appealing. It's creative style adds to the attraction. The convenience of quick accessibility for menu viewing is right on point for today's smartphone on the go culture.

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