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Marketing Tips
  • Identify your target audience:
  • - Many business owners try to please everyone and this can prevent their operations from growing and ultimately thriving. With varying customer needs business owners should target the audience that will yield a high ROI.
  • Give your business card a purpose:
  • - It's time to give customers a reason to choose you over your competitors. Your business card can help you with this. This single question must be answered in order to create a powerful and attractive message: Why should I choose you?
  • Effective Messaging:
  • - It matters what goes on your card. Your message on your card should support your goals based on what you know about your audience.
  • Aesthetic Appeal:
  • - The look and feel of your business card speaks volumes about who you are and the brand you are representing, so make sure to put emphasis and attention to it.
  • Track, Test & Optimize:
  • - Always be testing. Always be gathering and analyzing data. Always be optimizing.
    1.1| Mobile Marketing
    Our websites are mobile responsive meaning they adjust to the device it's being viewed on. The Bizvuu business card with its scan code integration is ideal for smartphone use. The card offers quick access to business content and customization.
    1.2| Analytic Reports
    All websites are coded with Google Analytic tracking codes. These codes allow Bizvuu to collect data on website performance, optimization, and traffic. Detail analytic report consultations are available by request.
    1.3| Social Media Advertising
    Bizvuu recommends multi-video ad and flyer campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. These platforms offer great opportunities for brand visibility through paid advertising. Great for start-up campaigns, product launches or paid to organic strategies.
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