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BizAssist by Bizvuu starts at $50

This service provides assistance to business owners with Website Maintenance, Social Media Content and Business & Brand Consulting. Great for business owners, DIYers and entrepreneurs who can do it themselves but just don't have the time, all the time.

• Service fee of $50 - $250/monthly

- Basic updates, domain/SSL renewals, and consulting. ( Basic $50.00/monthly)
- Basic updates, domain/SSL renewals, consulting and 4 social media post designs per quarter. (Plus $100.00/monthly)
- Basic updates, domain/SSL renewals, consulting, 12 social media post per quarter and *graphic design services. (Premium $250.00/monthly)
*The service is optional and requires an additional monthly fee.
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Website Maintenance

(Overall upkeep)

We provide website updates, custom banners, adding pages, adding/updating photo galleries, adding embed video. For eCommerce sites we update product price changes, sold out products, product shot changes, short sales, promotional banners for sales, inventory rotation, site description optimization for all pages; title & sub-headings, SSL maintenance and renewals for domains & SSLs.

Social Media Content

(For posting)

We provide custom designed posts for Instagram and Facebook. (up to 12 designs per quarter) Custom Facebook cover banners. Graphics for flyer designs.


Business/Brand Consulting

(Limited monthly)

Support for any questions about business marketing, how to information, trademarks, business marketing and branding advice/strategy, Idea concept development and mock-ups.