Rex Howard Sr.

> Funk D' Fined CEO

Inspiration came early in life at age nine for Rex after constantly hearing the word NO as a youngster. "I knew that it had to be something that I was going to be able to do that would get me over the hump, get me moving in a direction". Rex discovered the art of cutting hair from childhood friends. "My friends an I as youngsters used to experiment by cutting each others hair with a string tied around our heads giving each other bowl cuts". Rex took an interests in cutting hair from there and began cutting more regularly and his skills quickly improved to the point he began earning a few ends from cutting up the neighborhood kids. Rex soon came to realization that being a Barber was that SOMETHING! It definitely did more than get Rex over the hump, it became his career, his passion, his life! Now he's on to his next chapter as a business owner and BRAND! Follow as he ReDefines FUNK...

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